Holistic / Integrative Medicine

Dr. Renata Teytelbaum, MD

Holistic / Integrative medicine is an approach to care that puts the patient at the center and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person’s health. Holistic Functional medicine focuses on prevention and underlying physiology versus symptoms of chronic disease. By obtaining a detailed medical history, functional and traditional lab tests and integrative diagnostics, we create an individualized treatment plan that leads to improved patient health outcomes. The principle of holistic and functional medicine is to address underlying inflammation through detailed detective work and testing analysis.

Meet Dr. Renata Teytelbaum

As a child and teenager I had my heart set on becoming a classical pianist and pop star. Music was something I naturally excelled at and my teachers had encouraged me to pursue my musical education at the local music college. However, at the same time my attention was undeniably drawn to the wonders of the medical field. My mom, Dr. Minna Teytelbaum MD, was an extremely passionate physician, the head of the cardiology department and associate professor for Riga Medical School. Her amazing stories and patient cases from within the medical field captivated my attention for as long as I can remember.  Every story was full of mystery, awe, danger, suffering, brilliant discoveries and most importantly, hope. The hope that my mom, a medical superhero, would make the right diagnosis and that there would be a happy ending. It was unbelievably exciting and intriguing to me, the way my mom was able to weave a diagnosis out of the symptoms and would come up with a conclusion that would, if not save the patient's life, at least make the difference in the quality of it. So when it came down to making a career choice, it was clear that despite my love for music, the contagious excitement of saving lives the way my mom did had more of an impact on me and eventually inspired both my brother and I to make the decision to follow in our mother's foot steps and become physicians.


Whole-You Healthcare

Dr. Teytelbaum starts with collecting details from your history that all add up to your story. We are individuals and our stories - including our parents' and grandparents' history, our childhood, our environmental exposures, and the stress that we experience - are all different. With that in mind, Dr. Teytelbaum creates an individualized plan that leads to better health for you specifically.

Advanced Testing

After obtaining a detailed history, Dr. Teytelbaum orders specific laboratory testing, including metabolic tests, microbiology, environmental tests, genetic analysis, and more. These tests provide definitive results that get us to the root of the problem and eliminate any assumptions.

Patient First Care

Dr. Teytelbaum collaborates with other medical professionals that share her holistic views. With decades of medical experience in the holistic and integrative fields of medicine, and with 33 years of practice in the Tampa Bay Area, Dr. Teytelbaum has built a network of like-minded medical professionals that she recommends and works with to get you to the better health you deserve.



of acute and chronic diseases


We partner with the most reliable laboratories and testing centers to guarantee timely and accurate results.

Dr. Teytelbaum specializes and is certified in a number of different treatment methodologies. She keeps up with the latest in treatments and therapies to offer the most effective solutions to patients.

IV Treatments


Nutritional Supplementation

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement


Autoimmune Therapies

Medical Cannabis



Dr. Teytelbaum was one of the first physicians who received Medical Cannabis certifications.


There are many conditions that may make you qualified for medical cannabis use. Dr.Teytelbaum will conduct evaluation and will provide personalized recommendations for you.


Once you have been qualified , the State of Florida requires the medical cannabis recertification every 7 months.

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